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Why Mule-Hide?

We Have the Products and Systems You Need

Mule-Hide, “The Name Trusted in Roofing Since 1906,” manufactures and markets low-slope roofing products. We make ethical and professional decisions, firmly grounded in our utmost respect for roofing contractors, to help them live the American dream.

Proven Products

Mule-Hide offers you proven products as well as new and innovative products to meet the ever changing needs of low-slope roofing.

Contractor Friendly

Mule-Hide offers contractor-friendly systems, backed by an extensive warranty program. Mule-Hide tailors roofing systems that bring you a high quality and diverse product offering with systems that meet the increasingly stringent code approvals and listings.

Low-Slope Solutions

Low-Slope Solutions Mule-Hide offers residential low-slope solutions - such as single-ply cut-to-size at our distributor branches to meet the need for small low-slope projects such as porches and garages.

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Our Promise

Unparalleled Training

Highly skilled technical resources are available for product and installation inquiries through our toll-free customer line. Mule-Hide offers unparalleled training out in the field at our distributor branches, making it easy for your crews to attend.

World-Class Service and Support

The Mule-Hide team features world-class talent as reflected by high ratings on our brand and service satisfaction surveys. Continuous education of Mule-Hide field associates and our associates that handle our 800# customer line ensures support excellence.

Our Mission & Values

To be the most recognized and trusted manufacturer and marketer of quality roofing products and systems focused on meeting our customers’ needs today with an eye on the future.


To deliver unparalleled value (individualized training, system warranties, project level technical support) to focused customers.

Core Values

Respect. Opportunity. Work Hard, Have Fun. Entrepreneurial Spirit. Family. Give Back. American Pride

Contractor Testimonials

"The associates at Mule-Hide have been very helpful to my company. I have been in the roofing business for over nine years. When I began, I knew very little about the roofing industry. The people at Mule-Hide have been extremely helpful. I cannot say enough nice things about how supportive your technical services adminstrator has been. People can learn a lot from him about how to treat customers. Sometimes we don't take time to let employers know the good things their associates are doing. I want to know you have some really fine people."

Oklahoma City, OK: Roofing Contractor

"I attended your EPDM seminar at ABC Supply a few weeks ago. Although I do mostly commercial roofing, I know there is definitly a market for EPDM in residential low-slope roofing. Since your seminar, I have averaged one residential EPDM job a week and I have two this week. When I prospect with the excellent Mule-Hide selling literature, I also show pictures of my EPDM residential installations, which has been very effective."

Lakewood, OH: Roofing Contractor